Westfriesland makes considerable efforts to welcome tourists and other visitors with its many attractions. Its appealing rural scenery and many amenities are perfect for a pleasant holiday, both for those who prefer peace and quiet and for those looking for an active vacation.

The region is ideally suited to exploration by bicycle or car, but also those who like walking or boating through the rolling farmland will enjoy its windmills and typical“stolpboerderij (Haubarg)” farmhouses.

Westfriesland is dotted with picturesque villages, pretty towns, leisure facilities and nature reserves, as well as many museums and tourist attractions. In the summer months many of its localities organize touristic markets or folkloric festivities.

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12-07-202012-07-2020Ronde van de Westfries OmringdijkKolhorn
12-07-202012-07-2020Ronde van de Westfries OmringdijkAlkmaar
12-07-202012-07-2020Ronde van de Westfries OmringdijkEnkhuizen
12-07-202012-07-2020Ronde van de Westfries OmringdijkHoorn
14-07-202014-07-2020KaasmarktHoornRoode Steen


Pittigie - Baby- en kinderkleding met Westfriese dialect
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Timmermansgildehuis, achter Dal 3
1621 HP  Hoorn
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De Swaan Kado
De Swaan 18
1722 PW  Zuid-Scharwoude
Tel: 0226-312079
Original country gifts / KoeKado


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