The toponym “Midwoud” refers to an old forest that used to cover the lands between Oostwoud and Midwoud but has long disappeared. Like its neighbor Oostwoud, Midwoud is a typical linear village with a quintessentially rural character, although it has grown considerably over the years. The naturist camping “Vrije Vogels” (“Free Birds”) is known throughout the country; a whole range of other birds reside in the regional animal shelter “De Bonte Piet”. Every year Midwoud hosts the West-Frisian Garden Fair, around the Pentecost weekend, which draws large numbers of visitors from throughout the region. The Dutch rock band “Normaal” has held its only concerts in North Holland in Midwoud already for 25 years in a row. Its fans, known as “høkers”, converge on the huge party tent at De Buurt and together turn the event into a rocking evening.

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