Lutjebroek is a typical Westfrisian village, located at the Streekweg between Hoorn and Enkhuizen. Even though the village grew considerably, many of its old canals and waterways have been preserved. North of the village is the nature reserve De Weelen, an ancient agricultural area, with several lakes known as the Lutjebroekerweel. The biological sheep farm “De schapenstreek” sells home-made cheese and ice-cream and attracts many visitors. The local football club “The Zouaven” is named after the famous resident of Lutjebroek, “Pieter Janszoon Jong”, who served as a ‘Zouave’ in the Papal army. It is therefore no coincidence that the local pub is called “The Pope”.  In the 1960s the village became famous country-wide because of the song “You should have stayed in Lutjebroek” by Trea Dobbs.

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