The village of Grootebroek is fully connected to Bovenkarspel. Together with Lutjebroek and Hoogkarspel these villages are called "De Streek". The St. Elizabeth Monastery, built in the 15th century, is still intact and is now used as a youth care facility. Like the other villages in “De Streek” Grootebroek had a lot of traditional farmhouses that are typical for vegetable farmers. Located at the waterfront, these houses were connected to boathouses that accommodated the barges. The farmland and the farms in this area could only be reached by boat. And even the cows were taken out to pastures over the water. Following the wide-scale land reform agricultural plots in this area were merged. Amongst soccer fans Grootebroek is also known as the village where the famous soccer-players Frank and Ronald de Boer grew up.

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